Shoe and sportswear store

Clothing material

Cotton clothing is, of course, fine. But not in the case of physical activity. The fact is that cotton gets wet quickly and retains moisture on the surface of the fibers. This will make the workout very uncomfortable. Synthetic fabrics — polyester, elastane and saplex – are more suitable for active sports. They are breathable and perfectly remove moisture from the surface of the body.

Clothing size

Of course, a cute tracksuit motivates you to start classes as soon as possible. However, we repeat that in sportswear, comfort comes first. You can not buy a set for growth or with thoughts of “here I will lose weight and get in.” Properly selected clothes should not hang, fall off, squeeze or rub.

Unpleasant sensations, stiffness of movements or traces of elastic bands on the skin are signs that the clothes are picked up incorrectly. It is better not to wear such a uniform, so as not to harm your body. After all, during sports, our body is already stressed.


Before you go to the store for a pair of sneakers, you need to understand the conditions in which you will use them. There are training and competition shoes. The second category may be needed only by professional athletes, so we will focus on the first

Running shoes
If your type of activity is running, then when choosing shoes it is important to take into account the type of coating on which you will run. There are sneakers for asphalt with high cushioning, which provide good grip and reduce the strong impact load on the ankle. Such shoes are often equipped with a mesh upper, which provides good ventilation and comfort while running in hot weather.

how to choose sports shoes

Running shoes for asphalt are also suitable for running on a synthetic surface, for example, at a stadium or on a treadmill. But if you plan to run off-road and uneven terrain, then you need trail sneakers. They have a medium or deep protector, as well as a good fixation of the ankle joint. The top of such sneakers is usually dense, reinforced, sometimes with an additional protective “tongue”. This prevents the penetration of dirt, sand, and small stones into the shoes.

Running shoes should fix the foot well, but leave free space for the finger area. When choosing, focus not so much on the numbers as on your feelings. Movements should not be limited, but at the same time the foot should not hang out. It is better not to order sneakers for training on the Internet, but to buy them in a store in order to be able to try them on.

Gym Shoes
Regular walking sneakers with flat soles are not suitable for gym classes. Incorrect shoes can lead to falls, injuries and serious health problems. You need to pick up special shoes depending on the type of activity.

For gyms, you need to take sneakers with a grooved sole, which will help avoid slipping. In addition, it is better to choose models with a sole extended near the heel. They are more stable. The upper of the shoe should be light, mainly mesh, in order to allow air to pass well. Avoid synthetic fabrics, because such shoes will float a lot.

Also, sneakers for sports should not be heavy. Excess weight of sports shoes indicates its poor quality. Natural materials that are used for sports shoes are quite light. Pay attention to the backdrop — it should be rigid, not crumpled.

During the fitting, pay attention to one more point. Put on your sneakers and stand on your toes. Look at the curve of the sole. If it is in the middle of the sole, then it is better not to buy such shoes. It will quickly tire the legs and can even lead to injury and flat feet. The bend should be closer to the toe.

It is better to take sneakers with laces — they are better fixed on the foot. Give preference to flat laces, which will not be untied as often as round ones.

If your sportswear and shoes are chosen correctly, believe me, sports will become much more pleasant and effective. We wish you productive and comfortable workouts!