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Things you might not know about Skunk Anansie


In case you didn’t know yet, Skunk Anansie is an English alternative rock and crossover band that was formed by the young British artist, Skin.

The early career of the band started in 1994 and lasted until 2001. The band’s members went on different musical paths and started their own side projects from 2002 until 2008. However, the band reunited in 2009 and has been active ever since.

Together, the band released six different studio albums, with a difference of 11 years between the third and the fourth albums. The most recent album signed Skunk Anansie is entitled “Anarchytecture” and was released in 2016.

However, there are plenty of things you might not know about Skunk Anansie, so I figured I would make a list of everything that might interest you regarding this UK band.


The lead singer

Skin, born Deborah Anne Dyer, is the lead vocalist of the band and, before getting into music, she was planning to become an interior designer. She became passionate about rock music in her teen years and she always wanted to be part of a rock band.

She started mixing as a DJ in college and was even invited to join a musical project. After one year, Skin accepted the proposal but the band was a failure and split up soon after.

After leaving the band for a while, Skin released two solo albums, in 2003 and in 2006. She also acted as a judge in the Italian version of The X Factor alongside Simona Ventura.

In 2013, Dyer began a civil partnership with billionaire heiress Christiana Wyly.


Name picking

Little after Skin met her future band colleagues, Cass, Ace, and Robbie France, they had to decide over the band’s name. The unusual name choice was inspired by Anansi, a spider god present in the African legends.

The addition of “skunk”, which is an English jargon for marijuana, had the purpose to make the name sound more “indecent”.

Side projects

Skunk Anansie gained its fame in the mid-1990s when it started touring alongside famous world bands such as U2, Aerosmith, Rammstein, Lenny Kravitz or Muse.

However, in 2001 they decided to go different ways in their musical careers. Skin was the first one to embark on a solo career and released her first album in September 2003. “Fisherwounds” was co-written alongside songwriter and partner Len Arran and was followed by “Fake Chemical State” that was released in 2006.

In 2002, Cass decided to join Gary Moore and Primal Scream drummer Darrin Mooney to form a band called Scars. They released a 2002 album also called Scars, featuring compositions inspired by great blues players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan.



Is playing the ukulele easier than learning to play the guitar?


To answer this never ending-question, I think we have to define the word ‘easy.’ From a beginner’s point a view, which will be the one we will use for this article, easy means natural. It means something you learn quick and without struggling too much. It is a complex debate that we will try to break down as simple and straightforward as possible.

Let’s just say you never came in contact with any of these two instruments before, and that you’ve just decided to pick up lessons for the first time. If you want to choose the one that is easier to learn how to play, because you love both their sounds, then you need to keep the following things in mind.



When we’re arguing about the physical side of learning to play an instrument, this is an area where the ukulele takes the crown. Its strings are much softer on the fingers, as these are made from materials that are kind to your skin, even if you play the ukulele for hours on end.

The thing with the guitar is not only that it’s heavier than the compact ukulele, which means your arms legs will get tired quicker, but most of the time the strings themselves are made of a sturdy metal alloy.  They will take some getting used to, and they can hurt the tips of your fingers until the skin in that area has hardened.

However, this argument can be nullified by the fact that you can find metal strings for ukuleles and soft string for guitars, especially if you own a classic acoustic guitar. Another thing that pro players seem to mention when it comes to strings is that they are interchangeable, meaning you can use the same set for both instruments if you make the proper adjustments.

Another argument that makes the ukulele win the battle is the fact that this instrument is much easier to learn overall. Its notes are simple to play, and it has a melody that gets stuck in our brains considerably quicker. A day or two after you’ve started to take lessons, you’ll find yourself playing the instrument much easier.

The guitar, on the other hand, takes years of practice to master. It requires a much more developed musical ear, and the structure of the notes is more complex. But the notes are more diverse too, meaning if you are someone very creative, playing this instrument will allow you to fulfill your artistic vision.

It seems that if you are a beginner when it comes to music, the ukulele might be the right decision if you need a starting point. If you want the best ukulele for beginners, you should read more on this. And since it takes no time to master, it can be the perfect segway into starting to learn how to play the much more elegant guitar.